Dad Still Chuffed To Bits About His New Cycling Lycra

There are somethings that middle aged men should never be seen wearing in the cold light of day. Feigning to care about his wife and childrens disgruntlement, one intrepid dad opened his wallet and took on the challenge of squeezing into genital and buttock constricting lycra shorts. Usually designed for much smaller frames than the current one he has enlarged over the years.

Inspired by the droves of lycra clad dad bodies that have taken to cycling on roads up and down the country en masse, a sight which has made many an eye water, this father of two says he feels a new lease of life. His wife says he needed to get out of the house more but sadly, this was not what she had in mind.

‘She makes me take my kit to my friends house before getting changed into my gear, she says that the kids shouldn’t see their father in such ridiculous clothing that is made for younger athletes….’ He bemoans.

Dad reckons his families adversity to his new hobby just gears him up for more power pedalling with his new cycling buddies. He won’t just stop at the lycra he says,

‘My cycling Whatsapp group has been firing today and a couple of the lads think they’re going to invest in some aerodynamic helmets, they look pretty cool so might get one myself’.

His kids just roll their eyes and wonder how long before he adds the new lycra and racing bike to the dusty golf clubs in the garage.


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