Trump’s Response To White House Correspondents Dinner: ‘Gingers Have Souls Too’.

Another year, another dinner for media folks at the White House. The leader of the richest country in the world has yet to make an appearance at the infamous dinner for a second year running.

A lot could be said about the POTUS and his non attendance but it’s worth remembering that the fat ginger man cannot take a joke. Instead the toupee wearing politician held a rally for his supporters in Michigan.

It was at this rally that Donald criticised the event and the large number of jokes that were directed towards him and his administrative staff by a top notch comedian. Trumps speech about the event was eerily similar to a YouTube video by a bullied ginger teen called ‘gingers do have souls’ that went viral.

Swallowing a lump in his throat before he spoke, an emotional Trump had this to say:

‘Ahem, excuse me, got a little worked up there. These words are for all those bullies and nasty people, having their important little dinner in my house. Well I say this to you, gingers have souls to! We have feelings and we get hurt by words just like you. This is why I wanted to hold this rally because you are my friends and they aren’t my friends.  They are no good poop talkers, they don’t have a clue about anything’.

During the speech, the rotund man began to get quite animated and flailed his arms around, gesticulating his points. Sadly for the president but for the amusement of the public, Donald managed to pull the stage curtain down around him. He stayed upright under the weight of the curtain and even ran in a few circles, yelling ‘Hey who turned out the lights? Are they trying to bump me off like JFK, help me!’.

30 seconds later he collapsed due to exhaustion before his bodyguards rescued him amid a screaming audience.






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