Outrage: Student Ticks Shops Entire Stock Of Pot Noodle & Condoms, Still Hasn’t Paid Debt Back

Small businesses are the mainstay of any local economy and for the humble shop owner it can be hard to keep afloat in such turbulent times for the high street. One student at the University of Lancaster has been put on the naughty list by a Newsagent owner who runs a shop near the leafy university campus.

“I thought he was a nice young lad, been coming in here for a couple of years, I’ve watched him grow up a bit I have, which is why I am surprised he has rubbed me up the wrong way.” Said shop owner Garry Coles.

Apparently the student in question had been a regular in the shop, coming in almost daily to buy his vitals, like a copy of Max Power magazine and a discounted, out of date can of soft drink.

“We used to chat a bit about this and that, he was really into falconry for some reason, he’d tell me all about the birds and how to train them to hunt. It was quite interesting but thought it was a bit weird seeing he was from inner city Manchester.” Revealed the bald shopkeep.

Things turned sour a couple of weeks ago when the friendly student asked for a favour. Reportedly his loan had run out and he asked if he could purchase, on tick, the shops pot noodle and condom stock.

“It struck me dumb to be honest but he was a friendly chap who came in quite often so I thought why not, it’s only £22.75 and didn’t think I would be waiting long to get the money back. That were 2 weeks ago now. Bleeding student waster- what’s he gonna do with 24 chicken and mushroom pot noodles and a 12 pack of ribbed johnnies”.

We contacted the University for comment but they have remained silent on the issue.



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