Man Loudly Tells Whole Carriage How Good His Weekend Was

Despite being horrendously hungover and far too chipper for a Monday morning, a young office working male has loudly told the rest of his fellow commuters just what he got up too this weekend.

‘Ah mate it was messy, just such good fun’ He says loudly into his headphones, looking around to see who is listening whilst also trying to appear casual.

He continues to a rapt audience of tired workers, who fill the carriage around our man, and are just there for him, really.

‘Can’t believe Whitey tried to shave that dog, like where the hell did it even come from?’ He throws his head back and laughs, cologne just about masking the smell of stale beer.

‘Won’t be drinking again…..until next weekend!’ He jokes, winking at the woman sitting opposite him, who just threw him a pained grimace, which he misreads as a flirty glance.


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