How British: Man Makes Eye Contact On Public Transport, Instantly Embarrassed

There are many things that bring us together as Britons, such as baked beans, car boot sales, mild discontentment at queueing, tutting at the news and chicken korma. However, a distraught man contacted our news desk this morning with news that is truly sickening.

The man in question actually made eye contact with a stranger on a train. Apparently they were sitting across from each other when the stranger dropped their phone on the floor. Being nice enough to pick it up and hand it back to the fellow train rider was the mistake. At the same time as looking up, the stranger looked down, where they locked eyes for almost three seconds.

What followed was an tensely awkward round of ‘thank yous’ and ‘don’t mention its’ as the pair fought furiously with their internal embarrassment. Both involved stared out of the window for the remainder of the five minute journey.

There are stories we are reluctant to print, and this article is one of them, but we are proud of our Britishness here at The Rambler.




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