Favourite Mug Wishes It Was Washed More Often

Being the simple creatures we are, we become attached and comfortable with objects that we like to name our ‘favourite’, but little time is given to the objects themselves and whether they like you back or not. For one particular beverage mug, the past two years have been hell.

‘I think I was given as a birthday or Christmas present, a few years ago but I can’t remember,’ She says through a mouth crusted with tea and coffee stains.

‘Please just at least rinse me out, I am better than this.’ Sobbing quietly she pleads with our journalist.

The owner in question is a recruitment consultant, 28, working in Guildford.

‘I used to live at his home, with my friends and I always came out of the dishwasher looking like a brand new me, but I was shoved in his gym bag and taken to a new place, which turned out to be his work desk. I am the only mug around, he hasn’t washed me for months.’ She concedes morosely.

With the man more interested in playing candy crush while his manager isn’t looking, it seems it will be sometime before the mug is washed.




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