Grandad Misses The 70s

There’s nothing like a trip down memory lane, especially for an old timer who was actually there. Graham McGooch, nearly like the cricketer but not quite, was actually alive during the 1970s.

In fact the grey haired peak cap wearing man was a geography teacher back in the day, he was in his prime, with locks like Kevin Keegan and suits like Elton John. We met him at his desired spot, on a park bench while he was feeding the pigeons, like he does every morning, he admits he finds solace with his bird friends.

‘There weren’t another decade like it.’ He begins,

‘It was great being able to comment on a female colleagues bust or having a cheeky grope at the Christmas party, no one would bat an eyelid. Nowadays you’d have 17 court cases and your face all over that social media’.

‘National television was the same, sexist and racist jokes, they say it was discriminatory but I just found it funny. Youngsters don’t know how good they’ve got it.’

‘I miss the food he continues, meat and two veg every Sunday, corned beef sandwiches in the week, lots of brandy butter at Christmas. Now it’s just tikka masala this and organic that, they’ve disgraced British food, in my honest opinion.’

Several hours later, after listening to very unpolitically correct opinions, our intern managed to escape after claiming he was going to get them some tea so they could carry on chatting the day away.

This may have insulted the man somewhat as he left a rather long winded answer phone message on our newsdesk and has promised to take a complaint to Ofcom.




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