Brexiteer Builder Just Realised 90% Of His Employees Will Leave After Agreement Reached

Grimsby builder and UKIP voter, Carl Smith, 42, today had a stark revelation that most of the people he has employed will either have to return home or choose to leave after a Brexit deal is agreed.

Always vocal in the local about how immigration has ruined this country, it hasn’t stopped him from employing cheaper European labourers- for the benefit of his building company.

‘This country is called Great Britain, not much about it is great anymore, we have opened our borders for far too long and the snowflake lefties are taking over, letting the Islamics and their ray guns introduce Sharia Law’ He states over a pint of bitter.

‘Our men didn’t fight and die for this during World War 2, just shocking that. Can’t even go to supermarket these days without feeling rage, Polish and Kosher sections? My word this country has gone to the dogs’ He says sadly, voice etched with anger.

When asked why he has employed so many Eastern Europeans, he responds,

‘No brainer that, they are willing to work for peanuts all hours of the day, much harder working and more productive than the soft English lads’.

So what happens when they all leave?

‘Yeah, haven’t really thought that far ahead, the wife wants a water feature on our driveway but it could be awhile.’

Quite the conundrum.



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