Student Can’t Believe How Naive Younger Self Was

There are times in life that make you stop and look back at who you once were. This is exactly what is happening to Clara McHarvey, an English Lit student at the University of Sussex.

The 21 year old can’t believe how naive she was just a few years ago when she still listened to Justin Bieber, bought scrunchies and thought eating pick and mix sweets whilst watching a film at the local entertainment complex was ‘civilised’.

Now she lives in student digs sharing with a couple of friends from her course and some nocturnal stoners who haven’t seen the sun for awhile.

“It’s so great living independently’ says the newly nose pierced Clara, whose parents pay her rent.

‘Finally I feel like I can explore who I am, you know’ She continues, after taking a puff from her rollie.

Before she wore leggings and Adidas trainers, now she wears polka dot dresses and DM boots.

‘Can’t believe the hair I used to have’ She replies when asked about her style. Now she has had a fringe cut in, she won’t look back.

Showing us around her room, she shows off her Blue Velvet poster and copies of cult penguin classics such as One Flew Over The Cuckoo Nests and To Kill A Mockingbird. She says she is just getting into David Lynch films as well.

‘My music taste is really eclectic now, I have fallen in love with The Smiths and The Grateful Dead, often I listen to grime or trap music, I even go to grime nights now, just to feel edgy’

They grow up so fast.





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