Man Surprised And Impressed He Made It Into Work Today

Weekend rock n roller, Sam Cartwright, had a somewhat smug, yet tired, look on his face when he successfully managed to make it to his mug littered desk on time this morning.

Not quite remembering what he did over the weekend due to being blackout drunk for 39 hours straight, the hung-over Londoner sat at his desk, trying to piece together his weekend.

‘To be honest with you’ He begins telling our reporter, full of toxic masculinity,

‘I went for beers on Friday lunch time around 1pm and the next thing I know was my alarm waking me up at 7am this morning. Bloody madness.’ He laughs enthusiastically as only a ‘lad’ can at the extremeness of his drinking and the potential danger to his well being.

Knocking back the haggardness with two double espressos and a bacon sandwich with a satisfying belch, he carries on,

‘I kinda have this hazy memory of being in some rave surrounded by naked people being drawn by other people, proper funny haha’ He laughs off his shame again, while his co workers adjacent to him grimace quietly.

Turns out he wasn’t at a rave but actually a Neon Light Life Drawing event that is taking place in London this month.

When asked if he would do the same this weekend,

‘Are you mad, of course I will, I am just a lad at the end of the day’ He smiles fondly.





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