Trumps Doctor: POTUS In Good Health For An Obese Racist Misogynistic Sociopath

As usual, the fattest President in history has caused another stir this week after his first medical exam was conducted by the White House Doctor. The outspoken president has always spoken of his superior, if not genius mental well being and even took to twitter to prove his intelligence. This time around it was his physical well being in question.

We managed to speak with the physician who is tasked with the health of the hefty, aging man.

“Well, yeah, you know as a man who eats three triple burgers and a gallon of chocolate milk for dinner everyday, he is in the shape he is expected to be in. Which is the shape of a man who eats shit everyday and has shit for brains”

According to aides close to the president, he has a portable burger stand follow him around the golf course, just in case he needs some more diet coke or to chow down on an over sized corn dog.

When his doctor advised going on a diet, the leader of the free world has promised to cut down on Big Macs and eat more Filet O Fishs as well as change milkshake flavour to strawberry.


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