Forgotten Sandwich Toaster Reminisces About The Good Times

Gathering dust with old grease spots all over it, one destitute sandwich toaster tries to remain positive- even though he hasn’t been used for over 18 months.

“I liked the good old days” He remarks softly,

“Before the days of vegans and celebrity diets, counting calories and zumba classes”

Apparently the forlorn appliance was used almost every other day and had pride of place by the kettle on the counter. Now he has been replaced by a trendy juicer and a kitchen full of fruit and vegetables.

“Just once more I would like to toast bread and melt cheese, do what I was born to do, there’s life in these hot plates still, I made people happy for christ sake” He says dryly, clutching a shaking cigarette.

How long he will languish at the back of the cupboard is anyone’s guess.



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