Rising Tory Politician Reveals Poor People Are Too Stupid To Have Children

MP for Mansfield, Ben Bradley, caused quite the stir today when a previously published blog post from 2012 revealed that he has normal conservative views. In the wake of the comments, the rising Tory star has been heavily criticised and has been quick to quash his remarks saying he has ‘matured’.

Keeping in lieu with the rest of his parties opinions about the general population, Ben,  writing on a personal blog, remarked that people who are ‘unemployed wasters’ should have a vasectomy instead of relying on the Welfare State. The poor people are to blame for the country’s ills.

It is well known that his party are not for the common people, and the young Ben, who was promoted this week, said people have a choice not to have children and should use the free NHS service to get the snip, otherwise we will be ‘drowning in a vast sea of unemployed wasters’. Positively Orwellian.

Rather unsurprisingly he was appointed as Tory vice chairman for Youth this week. He been tasked with changing the parties image to attract more young voters, who in their droves voted for an old white guy, Jeremy Corbyn, in 2016, whose politics stem from the early 20th Century and have never changed.

Cuts to communities, education and housing that the Conservative party have introduced in a decade of austerity should hopefully cut the number of poor people in this country as well, if all goes to plan for them. More money for the needy.






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