Brace Yourselves UK: The Weather Mongers Are Back

In keeping with tradition, Britain’s newspapers are once again hyping up the weather this winter in order for us to tut at the state of it over our breakfasts after reading the numerous and often repeated news stories.

With shock headlines and pictures of cars covered in snow that leave little to the imagination, forecasters have warned at the most there will be a light dusting of snow.

It is unfortunate that most of the snowfall will occur north of Manchester, thus leaving the rest of the country with nothing but the usual rain, and most of the newspaper readers disappointed. As well as the Scottish people laughing at us behind their sledges and snowmen at the idiocy of our national tabloids.

This appears to be happening year after year and readers are neglecting to read the small print (the actual article) and using the headline as conversation material with their peers and colleagues.

The country is wet and windy, and sometimes we get some crap snow and until climate change really starts fucking things up, we will have to settle with what we’ve got.


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