Prime Minister To Invite 2500 Homeless Wandsworth Children Around Hers For Christmas

In stunning fahion, during the last PMQs of the year, Mrs. May appeared to be completely and utterly dismissing the question about the 2500 homeless children of Wandsworth by stating  “…They won’t all be sleeping on the streets”, but little did the House know at the time what she would do next.

Speaking from the damp pavements of Downing Street just minutes ago, the stricken, baggy eyed leader extended an invitation of Christmas cheer to all 2500 homeless kids of Wandsworth, to spend the Christmas week at her house. Where they could gorge on over priced chocolate and TV reruns.

She claimed that in the spirit of the season, she and her husband would be throwing open their doors and filling every nook and cranny with those less fortunate than themselves.

The childless couple have already been busy ordering their aides and personal assistants to go out and stock up for the festivities as they are making the house ready for arrival of thousands of street kids.

Quick to downplay the move, she commented that it wouldn’t cost much and the couples Christmas bonuses would probably just about cover all the eating, drinking, toliet accidents and vomiting.

And also most importantly, the medical costs that will ensue due to most of the children being in exteremly poor health due to their circumstances, which will be paid for privately as the NHS waiting lists this time of year are appalling.

It seems that finally, and for the first time during her rocky tenure as Prime Minister, she is showing genuine, humble leadership and love for her people.




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