Supermarket Chain Iceland To Sponsor Harry’s Royal Wedding

In times of government induced austerity, where people in their droves are using food banks and universal credit payment won’t reach thousands until after the new year, the most elite family in the country will also be spending a little less this summer as well.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson in an official statement announced today that the upcoming marriage between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be sponsored by a national supermarket chain.

“Today the Palace is pleased to announce that the 2018 Royal Wedding will be, for the first time, a sponsored event, with the contract being given to the Iceland Food Group. The betrothed have both warmly spoken of their love for the £1 tempura prawns and vegetarian spring rolls that the frozen goods chain sell, and would happily have them served to foreign dignitaries and celebrity figures”

Appearing to be down with the times, the Windsor family are tightening their belts for this particular special occasion, with the food costs estimated at somewhere in the tens of thousands. It is thought that profit for the low cost freezer store will sky rocket.

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