This Christmas Local Man Can’t Wait To Use New Delivery App To Deal With Presents

Male homo sapiens don’t often respond well to the forced duty of having to buy things for their loved ones on special occasions and many crumble at the pressure of the heightened consumerism during December time.

But not today,  housing development resident, George Pie, an IT guy, has smashed the pre conceived notion that men’s stereotypical Christmas present buying is lacklustre.

“Yeah, well, basically, I just downloaded the company named after a jungle’s app on my phone and got everybodys presents in one order, so easy and simple, even bought myself a thing or two, came the next day, don’t know what all the fuss is about, the digital age is great”

Surrounded by delivery boxes our man said he wasn’t going to bother removing the global giants packaged parcels and just stressfully cellotape wrapping paper around the mailed gifts so they look like a cat had a fight with every single one.

“Even bought the wrapping paper and cellotape in the same order” He says with a cheeky smile.

Christmas in George’s house is sorted.



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