Middle Aged Man Begins Questioning Himself While Waiting To Pick Up From Teenage Marijuana Dealer

In a brief moment of clarity, 44 year old Tony Gregson, began to feel shame for his weed smoking, which he has habitually done since he was 17. It might be the fact that he has to “pick up” from someone who is actually 17, which is giving him the self doubt.

Buying drugs can be awkward at the best of times, especially given the criminality involved.

“Look, I hate it, every fortnight I have to meet him either at his dingy basement flat with hippy rugs adorning the walls or I have to hop in his aging ford escort that smells like weed and dogs, then he drives a lap around the block, just in case we are being followed, for f*ck sake”

Many of Tony’s friends quit the habit due to having to buy drugs off people half their age, but Tony’s love for the herb runs deep.

“Everytime I go and see the little sh*t, I swear it’s the last time I do, I have had enough of sitting on his stained sofa with his crusty mates, while they smoke blunts, play Grand Theft Auto and eat sweets”

Gregson just can’t fathom why he keeps going back, particularly after last time when he was cornered by two red eyed teens frothing at the mouth about 9/11 and how it was an inside job, and that his tap water is most likely is making him conform to society’s rules.


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