Confirming What You Already Know: Trump Is Reincarnation (Continuation) Of Histories Racist Despots, Maintains Narrative That White Is Might

After the POTUS twitter account yesterday retweeted three videos from the convicted racist and deputy leader of the bully gang, Britain First’s Jayda Fransen, the internet went into meltdown, The Rambler can sadly report.

As incoherent as the President of the Free World normally is, this particular nuance of the overweight, vain politician isn’t surprising in the slightest. Never diverging from his racist rhetoric, he once again confirmed what we already know; that he is an imperialist hate monger, reiterating the centuries old orientalism that exists in the hearts and minds of our leaders and indeed, ourselves.

Driving the divisive hate on social media, by retweeting unconfirmed videos of groups of Muslim men violently abusing poor, white victims, the Ginger man firmly swung himself into the mix with this country’s most vile, dare I say it, “political”, groups. These videos were first published on a Dutch right wing groups website, in 2013 and have been retweeted by the criminal Jayda and now Trump.

Unfortunately it isn’t surprising and this whiteness will most likely continue until either the President is impeached or him and his favourite pal, Kim Jong-un blow up the world with their small dick syndrome.


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