Man Stumped By Ikea Furniture Assembly Instructions; Attempts Task Anyway

There are some things in life which perplex the average man from time to time, such as using an ironing board, being conversational with the in-laws or why swearing isn’t allowed at an U15 football match on a Sunday morning.

Defying logic, a bright eyed specimen of the masculine variety succesfully managed to complete a genuinely horrific task this Saturday afternoon, where most men fall flat on their faces, filled with grumpy testosterone.

That’s right, run-of-the-mill bloke, James Talbot triumphantly assembled a child’s bunk bed after much cursing and hurling of cheaply made nuts and bolts.

“Listen mate, I am just relieved it’s over, took me over six hours to get all the little bits in place, the instruction manual might as be written in Swedish!”

Not wanting to distress the man further, our reporter deigned from mentioning that the instruction booklet only has pictures in it as guidance, as it was deemed by a board of experts that worded instructions would cause untold frustration.


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