Office Worker Chuffed To Bits Her Starbucks Loyalty Card Now Filled Up

Receptionist Samantha Hamilton, 32, of Milton Keynes, today has struck proverbial gold, and it is only Monday morning. Being a lover of coffee has made this day extra special for the desk jockey, as her Starbucks loyalty card was stamped before work she realised that she had drunk £15 worth of Lattes, and is now entitled to a free coffee.

As pleased as punch, Sam spent her first hour at work sipping on her still lukewarm over caffeinated latte thinking of how special the moment will be tomorrow morning when she doesn’t have to pay for it and concluded the happy feeling will get her through the rest of her usual Monday, which includes being condescended by a still drunk from the weekend manager and having to cop shittiness from the general public.

“Just can’t believe it,” Said the blouse wearing woman, “I didn’t even clock it until the barista told me, I felt like a kid at Christmas”

It’s the little things in life.



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