Liam Gallagher To End Music Career And Star In West End Musicals

Icon of rock and roll music and former Oasis frontman, Liam Gallagher, has today announced he will no longer be making music and instead be using his unique voice on West End stages, The Rambler can exclusively reveal.

Yes, that’s right, the former 90s Brit-pop bad boy has decided to pursue the dream of having a starring role in a hit musical. We caught up with the outspoken Mancunian over a Mocha in Notting Hill.

‘To be honest with you, it’s always been my dream, you know what I mean man, getting up on that stage but in a different way, you know what I mean, belting out Lion King songs and that to all the tourists and that, f*cking great that, you know what I mean”

Apparently Liam has called on the services of Andrew Lloyd Webber to advise him on his new found path and the first task that the theatre legend gave him was to learn the entire back catalogue of Disney songs.

Passionate Gallagher says rehearsals have already began and he is aiming to be performing in his first pantomime by Christmas 2019.

Celeb friends such as Ian Brown and Anthony Joshua have endorsed the move.

Keep up to date with LG’s new career here at The Rambler.


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