Cultural Spotlight Of The Week: How Underrated Is Welsh Hip-Hop?

Wales is place of stunning landscapes, abandoned coalmines, violent drinking and rugby mediocrity. Little is known of its other cultures, and one particular underground scene is shaking up the traditional view of the almost unknown country.

Specifically music, and hip-hop music at that. Powered by lager and Ginsters pasties these men of the valleys have lyrical passion in their veins, as it is widely known that all Welsh people can sing pretty well, especially when in large groups. The country has a rich history of hip hop with such crews as Goldie Lookin’ Chain and Ruffstylz legends of the stage.

We spoke to Alun Jones aka MC Smokez of the Young Leeks Crew:

‘You know rhyming lyrics is in my blood, I am the voice of the street on my estate, all the kids look up to me, most of the time I just stand on the pavement while a crowd gathers round me and I spit verses to the masses!”

According to the national TV Channel S4C, there are plans for an X-Factor style show, solely focused on the emerging rap talent the country has in abundance, with the title set to be announced as Rap Along With The Boyos.

Watch this space.




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