Exercise Obsessed Women Suspicious Her Fitbit Is Lying

It’s one thing to motivate yourself to start exercising, and another thing when your fitbit doesn’t record you daily activities properly. This is what Jane Thompson has been experiencing recently, the Rambler can detail.

Jane, the unemployed housewife, works out whenever she can, and is barely out of her active wear during the day so it came as a surprise to her how low her step count was on her Fitbit watch.

“Silly thing, I thought it would really help me and establish my exercise routine as second to none- I don’t know anyone else who works out as much as I do, I average about 5 km a day but my watch says I do more like 3km, how can I show off at coffee mornings with a measly 3 km? I don’t want to come across like I think I am better than I am but come on!”

It remains to be seen how long Jane’s relationship with the watch will last.


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