Racist Man Surprised To Find Out How Much He Loves Indian Food

This morning a right wing man, who identifies himself as an unabashed patriot, called our news desk with a quite remarkable revelation. He went to dinner at a new friends house and was gobsmacked to find out that the food he was enjoying was actually curry, of Indian descent.

This is the first time the man has pushed the culinary boat out and tried victuals that come from south of the Humber, having been a resident of Hull all his life.

“Worlds changing if you ask me, back when I was a lad, a new shop opened on the high street that sold croissants and European stuff- I can tell you it didn’t last long at all- that were nigh on 40 years ago now”

Despite not realising his friend had such an open minded palate, the experience may have rubbed off on the aging man,

“Couldn’t believe it I couldn’t- I am British through and through, immigration is ruining this country but this gloopy saucy stuff- tasted wonderful, like creamy and meaty at the same time. Was thinking I might try that Chicken Tikka malarkey next!”




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