Queen Using Offshore Tax Haven To Fund Giant Corgi Park

Make no mistake, one of the most iconic sites in British Culture is the stumpy canine, the Corgi. Now these dogs rose to fame because a woman of German descent who became Queen of the United Kingdom liked the fat, oblong shape of the breed and made them popular.

Amid scandalous revelations about the Queen’s money after the Paradise Papers were released, our paper can reveal that she had planned to build one hell of a big park for her beloved pets.

Vast swathes of the Midlands and about half of Wales were planned to be leveled to make way for the Corgi playground. Apparently the city of Birmingham was to become a designated ‘poo corner’, after it was revealed the Queen is West Bromwich Albion supporter.

Never one to shy away from austerity, it seems the Queen has been found with a bit of egg on her face.


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