Government Plan To Sink Millions Into Finding Out Why Cats Don’t Give A F*ck

The government today revealed that millions has been granted to a project devised by a leading think tank who are the global leaders in cat psychology. Our feline companions leave us perplexed at the best of times, with many cat owners wondering why they bought the pet in the first place.

It is thought that the cat specialists will spend the year long project trying to figure out why the creatures just don’t seem to give a flying fancy about anything you do for them, apart from being terrified of the vacuum cleaner, or shoving their bums in your face whilst you try to watch television.

Arguably many cats see themselves as overlords of the families who own them, just using the humans for food and attention, but only on their terms and conditions.

The results of the research will be published this time next year, and we eagerly await the outcome.



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