Construction Worker Fired For Not Being Able To Make Proper Cup Of Tea

It is somewhat of an unwritten skill when starting a new job, making a cup of tea, its the stepping stone to being accepted in the workplace. For British people it is the very first thing they learn as toddlers, before speech. So it came to a shock for us to hear that a young labourer had been fired before the work day had even started, reports have verified.

Steven Parker, 17, had only got the cash in hand job the day before, but he was promptly marched off site at exactly 7.56am today. The foreman, in all his wisdom, asks new workers to undertake the simple task of making a cup of tea for everyone, almost as an act of initiation. Steven failed miserably by basically making milk soup.

Allegedly the now unemployed labourer has been banned from site, but has been given the option of coming back after improving his tea making skills.

“Might as well have drunk my bath water this morning” remarked one sparky.

A sacrilege to British culture and values, Steven.


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