Girlfriend Tells Story About Shopping Trip- Boyfriend Rushed To Hospital In Coma

Not many conversations end with someone being rushed to hospital- and with so little words being said. A stricken man by the name of Keith Richardson was hooked up to a life support machine this afternoon, after attempting to concentrate on a long winded story his girlfriend, Kelly, was telling him about her shopping trip with the girls, The Rambler can confirm.

“So, like, Sophie was pissed off because Jane had bought a similar pair of boots, they were like basically the same….”

This was how the story began, and Keith put on his normal faux-attentive face, ready to zone out and ask a couple of non-committal, routine questions about her day, so he could think about his football manager team line-up.

“Sophie didn’t say anything to us but I could just tell from the way she looked she could’ve killed Jane, I just knew she was annoyed….”

“Everything that Jane said Sophie would change the subject and suggest something different, I don’t think Jane realised how angry Sophie actually was about the boots but you know its like just a pair of shoes at the end of the day and if Sophie just said to her please return the boots because I don’t want us to clash….”

At this point something happened in Keith’s brain wiring and something must have short circuited because the next time Kelly stopped talking and looked at her partner, the man had slipped into unconsciousness on the sofa.

The paramedics attending quickly rushed the man to A & E.




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