Everyday People And Their Everyday Lives: Meet Aubyn, The Tattoed, Pug Owning Jam Maker

It is hard to know where British culture will end up in the next fifty years, but the days of heart warming Clover adverts that made butter emotional and cheap but cheerful Little Chef restaurants are coming to an end.

Move over Alan Partridge, Great Britain has just got a whole lot cooler. The rise of this new culture can be seen on every high street from Strathclyde to Bournemouth. Men and women are carrying miniature dogs and are getting inked up with permanent tattoos whilst trying to be artisanal as possible.

Our lifestyle editor happened upon an advert by a start up preserve company, Die Hard Jams, in a magazine about beard care, Trimmed, and hastily arranged an interview with one of the founders, Aubyn White. We caught up with him at his flat near Brixton High Street.

“I’ve never really worked a day in my life, because of mum and dad, but now that Brixton is gentrifying they bought me this flat so I could get on the property ladder, which is when I had this great idea for a Jam company”

At this point our interviewer was jumped on by two hungry pugs, Teeny and Tiny. Unfortunately the intern we sent is allergic to dogs and had to finish the interview in considerable pain, and quite quickly.

“You know, Jam is as British as Hugh Grant or traffic, so I thought why not found a start up, with organic ingredients with traditional flavours, marketed at cosmopolitan hipsters. We even have an idea for a Jam Emporium/bar.”

Suddenly the interview abruptly stops. The dictaphone continued recording but all we could hear was our stricken intern running through the pure cream, minimalist flat, followed some heavy coughing and a bit of vomiting before it stops.

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