Drunk Man Arrested After Trying To Prove He Can Run Through Brick Wall

Weekends, for the most part, are used by working people to get over the banality of the week. The majority usually spend it at their favorite pub or club, or are quietly annoyed because they have to dine out with the in-laws. However, one man found himself on the wrong side of the law in the early hours of Saturday morning, it can be revealed.

Having just consumed his usual from the kebab shop, Kevin Feltman, 19, a vending machine installer, was challenged by his friends to run through a brick wall on their way home after the drunk man had boasted about being the strongest in the group.

Young Kevin, being full of Stella Artois induced bravery decided he was big and tough enough to smash through the five inch bricks and come out the other side like some sort of Lager-Hulk.

Still sporting flecks of burger sauce in the corners of his mouth, a focused Kev ran as any drunken man can, feeling like Usain Bolt, looking like a mouse on skates, straight at the wall.

As you might have guessed, the poor young man didn’t manage to bust through the wall with a show of superhuman strength. He just managed to give himself a few grazes and concussion.

Not only did his friends find this hilarious, it so happened that a police car had been parked opposite and the officers had observed the whole thing.

The drunk was promptly stopped, having minor injuries and a dented pride. According to the police, he was adamant he could still do it and would prove everyone wrong, breaking free of the officers grasp. Sadly he had to be restrained on the floor and handcuffed, unluckily his face found a stray dog poo and was covered in it.

More weekend woes for Kevin, and a slow news day for the Rambler.






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