Man Has Breakdown On Toilet After Forgetting Phone

A quite distressing moment caused a young electronic goods salesman to have a breakdown at work today.

Poor Jamie Doorman, 20, who had been saving his bowel movement for that right time so he could really relax and take a nice fifteen minute break from work found himself in a most dire predicament, which lead to a meltdown and him being sent home from his job.

The Rambler managed to find him at home, where he had this to say:

“Look, I don’t really know what to tell you, one minute I was looking forward to sitting down on the toilet, after I had been brewing it for some time, then next I realised I had left my phone in my locker, but by then it was too late and I had already started going….

“…I just sat and stared at the toilet door in front of me for what seemed like forever until I had forgotten how to think, which was really distressing and I just kind of broke down, and fell to the floor, which is where my manager found me, he had to flush the loo and carry me out….”

It seems young Jamie will have learnt his lesson from this catastrophe.




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