Local Man Calls 999 After McDonald’s Run Out of Chicken Nuggets

A distraught area man called our front desk today, blabbering incoherently about the lack of a certain kind of rectangular shaped meat from the world’s favourite fast food place.

According to his report, 23 year old Fred Little, unemployed, described a feeling of absolute disappointment and despondency after trying to order his favourite meal at his most loved restaurant, McDonald’s.

The cashier server had to break it to Fred that he would not be able to purchase his normally daily meal due to the fact that several children’s birthday parties had happened the day before and more than 700 nuggets were served to the screaming brats who were causing havoc around the establishment.

Poor Kevin, who was rooted to the spot, decided it was an emergency and immediately called the police.

The police unit who responded were apparently sympathetic to the unemployed man’s plight, with one officer even remarking that he wished their powers extended to being able to arrest the manager, due to the lack of nuggets.

Not wanting to cause a moral panic, before word spread, the understanding officers drove the crying Fred, in their patrol car, with sirens on, to the next nearest McDonald’s establishment, only a matter of minutes away, where he managed to procure a 6 McNugget meal.

This paper would like to thank those heroic boys in blue for coming to a stricken mans aid, and avoiding a potential riot.




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