Gap Year Girl Returns Home With Corn Rows and Severe Flax-seed Addiction

A matter of 12 months ago, bright faced Samantha Watkins left her family home in Wetwang, Yorkshire for a dream come true trip around the world during her gap year, which mummy and daddy paid for. Sadly for Sam, the experience didn’t go quite as expected.

After travelling most major European cities with a promise to buy a floppy hat and move to Paris after university, her journey took a slightly off-key turn. After arriving in Thailand to meet a friend of a friend, she found herself amidst a group of open minded, white, European Liberals. She had this to say:

“They were friendly and made me feel welcome when I arrived and I was like quickly part of the group, like, we had banter and stuff, like, I felt really cool suddenly…”

“They were really chilled people and one guy was so hot, I, like, immediately fancied him, he was tanned and toned and had like the longest curliest hair, ever”

However, things began to get sinister on her first night in the South East Asian paradise, when the sun went down and the party started.

“To be honest I don’t really remember much after the first meal we had before we went to the beach party. Sebastian, the guy I really fancied, asked me if I wanted to try this brown stuff called flax seed, and like, course I said yes because he was so hot! He sprinkled it over my plate and I could see how many coconut husk rings had he on, that he had made himself!”

Sadly for Sam her memory was hazy from that moment, apparently she travelled all over South East Asia without recollection. It was only after her return to Blighty when she looked at the photos on her phone, the seeds of memory sprouted and it came back to her. She spent three months in Noosa on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, eatingand drinking Flax seeds with every meal.

Months went by without her family hearing a word, which is when her older brother flew to the other side of the world to find her. Allegedly he found her accosting staff at a local juice bar in Noosa pleading for more flax seeds. They flew home immediately.

Her family have been caring for her ever since and she is lined for a rehabilitation centre.

It seems the dangers of Flax seeds are unknown, taken in vast quantities it can have untoward effects.

Watch it out there, gap year kids.










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