Katie Hopkins Furious Las Vegas Shooter Is Not A Muslim

Shocking developments have surfaced over the sadistic, terrorist shooting that occurred last night in Las Vegas, the highest death toll since the Sand Creek Massacre in 1864, with Katie Hopkins outraged to learn the murderers name was Stephen Paddock and has no links to any Islamic terrorist organisations.

Now it’s hard to actually say what Katie does, except that she is somesort of public figure and says nasty things from time to time, clinging on to what little remaining cause she has left.

The controverisal figure, now well past her prime and full of superficial hope that she may still be taken seriously one day, is deplored by almost the entire country. Speaking at the Conservative Party Conference today, she told a group of journalists that it was a shock to learn of the shooters identity, because she couldn’t use it to further the imperialist rhetoric that basically, all brown people are terrorists.

Wearing the wedding dress from a previously failed marriage, the attention seeking bigot, also revealed why she had worn the out of place dress:

“You know I always like to make a statement, and to show the third year physics students I met over the weekend, that I am actually famous and will make headlines, with a bang, don’t you know.”

She went on to explain further that over the weekend she had quite drunkenly and un-surreptitiously tried to gate crash a student house party but wasn’t allowed in because no one knew who she was.

Apparently after a quick chat, they thought she was lying and had to be an undercover police officer or somebody’s mother. An eye witness statement confirms that she was seen promptly running down the street after an impromtu sing a long of “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” erupted from the living room.

Keep trying, Katie.


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