Chuck Norris Vows To Stop Hurricane Irma

Nature at it’s mightiest unleashed vengence like wrath upon the Carribbean and the America’s this week with unrelenting fury that has left untold devastation in it’s wake. The humanitarian effort needed to rebuild whole communities will have to be quick in forthcoming.

However, that didn’t stop our entrepid American correspondent making her way to Florida to face the brunt of the storm in an effort of highly commendable journalism to give us the word on the wind.

After a howling, crackly conversation on the phone with our reporter currently in the eye of the hurricane in the South Florida Key’s, has confirmed that Chuck Norris has been seen wading out into the ocean, steadily pacing toward’s the dark steely horizon.

This comes after tens of thousands of residents have vowed to open fire upon the violent storm, one group on social media have started a flash mob event for when the tempest reaches its strongest. Gun stores and local supermarkets can confirm that their bullet stocks are empty.

In response to this, true patriot and the man responsible for killing hundreds of terrorists in the 1980s, Chuck Norris, in hero like fashion told the people of Florida to put their guns down because only he alone could take the storm on.

Moments before he tied on a stars and stripes bandana around his forehead and stepped into the strong surf, he tweeted: “Leave this to me #Irma”.

Reportedly, Chuck has not been seen in the hours since his figure was lost in the distance. The storm hasn’t stopped. Let’s hope Mr. Norris and the hurricane are locked in god like battle.

More to come.


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