Depressed Uber Driver Asks Fare If He Can Come In For Cup Of Coffee

The first email sent to our news desk today was from a young man in Liverpool, who had a rather peculiar moment with the man who was driving the taxi that was meant to be taking him out on the town last night.

Boots customer service worker, Stephen, 29, was meant to be going to the night club Pryzm for a foam party but sadly missed a night out with his pals because of a suffering Uber driver.

“It was really odd” his email states.

“I had got ready, was listening to a bit of the Spice Girls, having a cheeky Barcardi, checking where my Uber was (not before checking Grinder lol ;P), thinking of all the dancing I was going to do later on. Then suddenly I get this message from the driver saying “hello I am having a bad day can I come in and have a cup of coffee and a chat?” How weird is that!?…”

“…I am a big softie at heart and I like to have faith in people so I replied you poor poppet of course you can, thinking it would only be a ten minute natter. It turned into a four hour heart to heart, there were tears and hugs. We drank ten cups of tea and had some biccies….”

It made compassionate Stephen suspect that there could be more depressed drivers out there that need help and has vowed to start up a charity for them.

We contacted Uber for a statement, asking whether it was the low wages or 1984 like control the company had over its employees, amid recent revelations that some workers had been subsidised in packets of skittles over a pay mistake; but the company said it had never heard of The Daily Rambler and our journalist was escorted from their HQ post haste.

Keep up the good work, Stephen.

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