Australians Vote To Show World How Homophobic General Populace Is

Australia has been going through a political furore over the last month, the halls of Canberra, a city eerily similar to Milton Keynes, have been in heated debate.

Next week Australians will decide via postal vote whether they think of themselves as homophobic or not. Traditionally the country is known for its homophobic racist past times such as ‘poke a poofter’ and ‘keep the migrants out’ became popular games for children.

Ironically one of Australia’s favourite ice creams is called Golden Gaytime, it seems this is lost on most of the people who live on the island and happily suck on a few gaytimes in the summer months.

It is not known how this will affect the common Australian ‘bloke’ as many of them cannot get passed the thought of homosexual people not being discriminated against.

What’s happening down under?

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