Office Worker Drinks Water From Protein Shaker: Colleagues Confirm He Works Out

Bulky Stephen Hargreaves, a white collar worker, frequents the gym, it has been confirmed today by his co workers.

The spreadsheet guru, has himself confirmed he works out as much as possible. The reason for drinking water out of a protein shaker is because it reminds him of much he loves exercise and how it makes him feel like less of a dead-shit.

Even though the company he works for supplies their workers with a fully fitted kitchen with glass ware, cups and numerous water dispensers, Stephen chooses to stay hydrated in his own unique way.

Always keen to put his name down for fun runs and 5 a side football tournaments, it finally clicked with his co workers that he is, in his own words, a fitness fanatic.

Janine Daily, who sits opposite him, had this to say:

“I always thought it was quite weird- he used to go and come back from the loo doing arm stretches all the time”

“Not to mention that when he waits for the printer, he does this bobbing or squatting thing up and down, up and down until his document has printed”

It remains to be seen what this new found acknowledgement for his activities will do to the man.



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