Imperialist Politician Apologises For Using Rascist Rhetoric Pretending To Be Member Of Progressive Party

At a Think Tank event in London today, held by Politeia, only attended by Conservative politicians, MP Anne Maris Morris, couldn’t hide her rascism. The event which topic was Brexit’s impact on the UK financial services industry, was a heavily Tory affair, in every way.

Apparently, totally-out-of-character-completely-by-accident, said the phrase, whilst being recorded (probably unknowingly),

“Now we get to the real n*gger in the woodpile, which is in two years what happens if there is no deal”

The phrase, which originates from the American South in the 19th Century where black people were used as slaves to profit a few rich white people and their dogs, seems to be alive and well today.

Of course the rest of the Conservative Party have condemed her words, saying they aren’t rascists at all and would never even think such nasty, archaic slurs.

Her fellow panellists neither corrected her nor stopped her, in fact, they sat in silent agreement.

Theresa May has suspended her member for Newton Abbott, but Rambler insiders are saying that Anne was seen boarding a flight to the Bahamas late this afternoon for some R & R.

Perhaps the walls of Westminster are reverberating today after the shock comments and that European Colonial mentalities are being stirred because of her unreserved imperial attitudes that have existed since the crusades, maybe before. This paper thinks not somehow.

Sadly, more to come.




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