‘Housing Market is impossible’ Says Millenial Who Just Bought £1500 Leather Jacket

Stuart Smith, 29, a database enhancer salesman, who lives in South Kensington, scathingly attacked the government and the economy today, over his second flat white of the morning. Speaking to a Rambler reporter in the first article for our new section, “Everyday people and their everyday lives”, Stuart opened up about the struggles of being a millenial.

“I’ve lived in Kensington since I graduated from Durham, and without the help of a friend of my fathers, who got me a job, I wouldn’t even be here”

“You know I dream of owning my own property or two, a cottage in cornwall or chalet in France for ski season, but I dont think they will ever be achievable. Everything is so expensive these days, I mean this jacket I’m wearing cost me £1500! How am I ever supposed to save for a house”

He is not the only millenial to express such concerns, and the way the market is going, a certain creek with no paddle comes to mind as its destination.

“Maybe its the way I live my life, I am quite hedonistic you see, and I love a good weights session but the price of protein powder is crazy!”

The Rambler contacted the database expert’s father, over video conference calling, from his compound in the Bahamas,

“Boy needs a good thrashing if you ask me.” Taking a big puff of his cuban, he refused to elaborate and ended the call.

Everyday people and their everyday lives will be back next week.



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