London Woman Turns Off Mobile Phone On Underground: Shocks Carriage

A Tube worker contacted The Daily Rambler this morning after seeing a young woman on a rush hour train, actually turn her smart phone off.

Phil, who was going to work himself, looked up from his game of candy crush and noticed the woman, just sitting.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes” remarked the 25 year old.

“Everybody was on their phones for whatever reason, emailing, stalking people on facebook, talking to sexbots on dating apps, ordering more beard oil, filtering social media pictures, like, normal things, you know.”

“I lost pretty badly in a game of candy crush and looked up from the screen in disgust, when I saw the lady basically just staring ahead of her, I don’t think anyone else noticed, it was a pretty weird sight.”

It is unknown whether the woman suffers from mental health issues, or if this is part of a trend that will emerge without a hashtag.

In The Ramblers brunch briefing today, our editor asked the room when was the last time anyone turned off their phone, and received a shocked response. The political editor spat his almond croissant back into his premium skinny latte.

Lets hope this is the last random news story of the day.



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