Old Queenie Gets Pay Rise

Hats off to her, the reigning monarch of our great isle. To acknowledge all the hard work and sitting around in jewels she does, the nations favorite oldie is getting a raise. Who doesn’t love a raise? Probably the people that don’t get one.

Few imagined at her age she would be still be working. The Rambler headed out to Tottenham to get the thoughts of everyday people. Gary Undogukno from the area stopped and gave us a few words on the Queens wage rise,

“Bleedin’ typical that is, I’ve worked a bus driver for 33 years and had to live on peanuts, literal peanuts compared to her. I mean how long has she got left to live? Wouldn’t mind sitting my bum on a plump throne for a bit”

When we asked the palace about expenditures, they stated the high cost of specialist dog food as a reason why the raise was so increased.

Never one to hold his tongue Prince Harry was quoted in a Daily Mail article about how his pocket money has stayed the same since he was 13.

More to come.




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