May & The Loonys: Deal Reached as Theresa and Her Raving Pals Form Government

After weeks of painful and laborious negotiations, it can be confirmed today that the Conservative Party and the Monster Raving Loony Party have reached a deal and are able to form a Government.

With mounting pressure on the PM, it seems like the deal has come in the nick of time. It remains unclear of how the Loony Party will behave in the House of Commons, decades after they alleged in 1983 that if they ever gained any seats they would turn the benches into a giant ball pit.

The PCU (Performing Clown Union) has come out today in support of what the party has achieved since its humble beginnings. A spokesperson is quoted as saying:

“The Monster Raving Loony Party has won a significant victory for the people of this country. They have finally gained seats, for the first time since 1703. A proud day for the common kids party performer”

Theresa May was seen standing outside No.10 with a host of top hat wearing, festival going types, in front of the nations media.

“We can offer this great nation a robust and excellent leadership now after the deal has been signed. I can say with conviction for my new allies that £3 Billion will be spent on a giant water slide from Scarborough to Eastbourne.”

“As well as free clown training to all!”

It is understood the Monster Raving Loony Party will support the Conservatives to uphold majorities.

More to come.





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