Johnny Depp attempts assassination on Donald Trump, stays true to comments at Glastonbury

Celebrity A-lister and global supertar, Johnny Depp, born Barry Whitworth, has shocked the world today after audaciously trying to take the life of the President of the United States.

It is understood Mr.Depp requested a private audience with the leader of the free world, in the oval office. The much loved actor was shot dead in front of the property tycoons desk.

Security sources from the White House issued a statement shortly after the incident:

“The White House is now on lockdown and all personel have been evacuated after an event of the most seriousness occurred within the walls of the oval office”

“An American Citizen and Hollywood actor, Johnny Depp, tried to take the life of the President this afternoon around 2.17pm local time. His weapon of choice was a sharpened potato, due to the nature of the weapon, the president was able to overpower Mr.Depp until Security teams rushed in and shot the man dead.”

“Security will be reviewed, and why he was allowed to speak to the President one to one, will be looked into”

Sources are being confirmed that Johnny was still high after his recent appearances at the pagan festival, Glastonbury. Which may explain the potato. In an interview about his upcoming film, in front of hundreds of people, Johnny appeared to by enjoying himself and was filmed saying maybe he should try and kill Mr.Trump.

Surprising the entire world, the legend of numerous films made true on the comments.

A sombre day for democracy.

Unfortunately, there won’t be a next time for Johnny.


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